Monday, October 20, 2014

Earmuffs Lead to Frerichs Getting Spurned By Fellow Dem Ticket Mates?

You guys likely remember the fateful 'earmuffs' photo that Mike Frerichs so proudly posted on his Facebook wall earlier this year.  We posted about it (for the first time) back in March here.

Here's the photo.  Pay particular attention to the other folks in the photo:

You'll notice 2 things:

1.  Not another person in the entire photo is wearing earmuffs.  Just Mike Frerichs.
2.  The other two politicians in the photo are State Senator Don Harmon and United States Senator Dick Durbin.

And....that's what makes this latest revelation so interesting.

Senator Durbin and State Senator Harmon have decided to distance themselves from Mike Frerichs and his earmuffs.  In fact, they've distanced themselves so much that Harmon decided to print up yard signs and leave off Mike "Earmuffs" Frerichs!

Check out the signs littering Harmon's district:

No Mike Frerichs?!?  What the what?!?

Seriously, though....Can you blame Don Harmon?  Would *you* want to be associated with Earmuffs??  He's likely heard about the Vortex, right?  Would you want hundreds of signs around town that tie you directly to the Frerichs Vortex?!?

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