Friday, October 3, 2014

Is Chris Kennedy Hedging His Bet On Democrats? Sure Looks That Way...

Last week, you'll remember that we pointed out how University of Illinois Board of Trustees Chairman was headlining a fundraiser for the DuPage County Democrats.  That post is here.

You'll also remember that the DuPage Democrats billed this fundraiser as "Mike Frerichs and Sheila Simon Join Chris Kennedy on 9/24".  Here's a screenshot of the DuPage Dems blog post calling supporters to join Frerichs and Simon as he supports both candidates and the full DuPage slate of candidates:

What makes this more interesting is that this morning, the Judy Baar Topinka campaign - who is facing the very same Sheila Simon who Chris Kennedy just headlined with at the DuPage Democrats event - posted an A1 that includes a juicy nugget about a new donor:

Chairman Christopher Kennedy appear to be hedging his bets, eh?

Listen...we don't blame him.  With Judy Topinka up 23% on Sheila Simon in this Comptroller's race, it makes all the sense in the world for him to back Judy.
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