Friday, October 3, 2014

The Mike Frerichs Vortex Claims Sheila Simon As Another Victim?

After reading our post a bit ago about how, after headlining an event for Mike Frerichs and Shelia Simon, U of I Chairman Chris Kennedy just yesterday wrote a big check to Simon's opponent Judy Baar Topinka, a tipster emailed us and pointed out an interesting facet of the story:

From the tipster:
"If you look closely at the DuPage event with Kennedy, you'll see an appearance of the fabled "Mike Frerichs Vortex".  That's what happened here, guys.  Poor Sheila Simon just got too darn close to Mike Frerichs and his deathly vortex and it took her down causing Kennedy to write that check." 

Looks like someone is going to have to go update that Wikipedia entry for The "Frerichs Vortex" as it has another victim to add to the pile.

Let's recap:  The "Frerichs Vortex" has taken down:  Congressional candidate Ann Callis and now Sheila Simon.  We've warned others like Congressman Brad Schneider who has (so far) taken our advice to stay away.  
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