Friday, October 17, 2014

Judy Baar Topinka Endorsed By Chicago Tribune

Judy Baar Topinka joins Tom Cross in picking up the endorsement from the Chicago Tribune.  In her race for Comptroller against Sheila Simon here in Illinois, the Tribune commends her work and says she deserves four more years:
Republican Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka has served in the legislature and as state treasurer. She ran for governor in 2006 when Illinois, regrettably, re-elected Rod Blagojevich. She has served as a healthy check on Democrats' broad control of government. 
As comptroller, she has the duty of managing the checkbook of a state that is perpetually behind in paying its bills. People who provide services to the state tell us Topinka has done a good job assisting social service and health care providers that don't have deep pockets. They move to the front of the line for payments so deadbeat Illinois doesn't sink them. 
Topinka also deserves praise for transparency. She has instituted an online ledger of state finances that includes everything from employee salaries to state contracts.
...Simon presents some solid ideas on streamlining the comptroller's office. But then, Topinka makes a compelling case that she has streamlined. Theory, meet practice. Topinka is endorsed.
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