Friday, October 17, 2014

Senator John McCain Coming To Illinois To Support Congressman Adam Kinzinger

Just as we were lamenting the fact that the 'best' Illinois Republicans can do is to drum up a visit from Ted Cruz, we were sent this invitation on an event Congressman Adam Kinzinger is having with Senator John McCain.

From Kinzinger's Facebook wall:
Are you sick of watching America sit on the bench while the world spirals into chaos? I know I am, and I know Senator John McCain is, too. He and I are going to be talking about the need for American leadership on October 24th in Rockford- and you can join us. America should be the star player, but right now we're on the sidelines. RSVP here to meet one of America's greatest heroes:
This is great!  Love to see Senator McCain out there supporting candidates and with their shared military background, this is a perfect fit for Kinzinger.  We'd love to see more of this stuff and we think the 'bench' of GOP stars needs to get deeper.  And...deeper with the types of leaders that really draw independent voters out and rally the bulk of the Republican base.

Want to attend the Kinzinger/McCain event?  You can RSVP here.
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