Monday, October 13, 2014

Judy Baar Topinka Secures Quincy Herald-Whig Endorsement In Comptroller's Race

Judy Baar Topinka's campaign for re-election received a boost this weekend from the Editorial Board of the Quincy Herald-Whig where they endorsed her campaign.  Calling her time in the Comptroller's office a 'success story', the Whig says Topinka deserves even more time to serve the voters of Illinois:
ILLINOIS COMPTROLLER Judy Baar Topinka has transformed her agency into one of the few success stories in state government, earning our endorsement for re-election as the state's chief fiscal officer. 
...Going forward, Topinka is seeking to configure more than 260 state computer systems used by the state so that communication and coordination between offices does not require data re-entry.
She has championed plans to combine the offices of comptroller and treasurer in a move that could save $12 million by eliminating duplication in those offices. The Illinois Legislature has not taken action on that proposal. 
Topinka has a long history as an effective officeholder. She served three terms as Illinois treasurer after spending four years in the Illinois Senate and 10 years in the Illinois House. 
During her time as treasurer, Topinka transformed the investment arm of the office toward greater speed in connecting with financial markets. She promoted the Bright Start program at a time when returns on the college education funding program were consistently good. 
...Topinka has a long record of achievement as a statewide elected official, and the office of comptroller is better for her time there. She has earned another four years.

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