Friday, October 3, 2014

Senator Andy Manar Does "Throwback Thursday" And Tries (Poorly) To Be Apolitical

Over on Facebook, State Senator Andy Manar (you might remember him from such terrible ideas as the backroom-deal-based SB16 which would gut suburban school funding) posted a "Throwback Thursday" photo.  The photo is cute, but his description has us confused.

He says he's 'getting away from politics' by posting a photo of him and his siblings...but then for some reason he decides to overlay his campaign sign on top of the photo.  Thus...destroying his own stated objective of 'getting away from politics' with the post.

Listen, Senator.  We voters aren't idiots.  We understand that *EVERYTHING* a candidate does on social media - when they are in the midst of an active campaign - IS political.  

Don't try to fool us by claiming to be doing something without political motivations but then slap your political logo on it.
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