Thursday, October 2, 2014

These Are The Five Issues That Matter For Us As Republicans

As party members here at the Illinois Truth Team, we have to tell you that we're impressed with the job that Tim Schneider has done as the Illinois Republican Party Chairman.

He's organized the effort, stayed out of trouble, and importantly....he's outlined the issues that matter most and ones that - we as Republicans can win on.

The thing we like about Schneider's list is that it is simple.  It is easy to understand.  It is easy to remember.  This is what the ILGOP is all about.

That's the story we need to get across in these last 30-somdthing days.

The 5 priorities of the ILGOP and candidates:
  • Lower Taxes
  • Less Wasteful Spending
  • A Booming Economy
  • Term Limits
  • A Quality Education For Your Kids
Check out the video below (courtesy of the Sun-Times) where Schneider lists the priorities:

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