Monday, November 18, 2013

Let's Re-Elect Ed Sullivan as State Representative. Because We Need Him in Springfield.

Ed Sullivan, the State Representative from Mundelein is under fire and has a primary election this Spring.  First elected to the Illinois General Assembly back in 2002, he's been a solid performer in Springfield both for his district and for the Illinois Republican Party.  During his time there, he's focused on establishing a strong record on fiscal responsibility, public safety, education, domestic violence, and property tax issues.  He's helped his district - which is important.  But, because of his courageous - and PERSONAL - vote on marriage equity, he's under fire from some of the crazies in the Republican Party.  Seems the Lake County GOP and a guy named Jack Koenig are going after Ed Sullivan.  Here's an email he sent attacking Sullivan for standing up for Gay Marriage and even kind-of digging Sullivan's mother in law (who is gay) unnecessarily?

Rich Miller (who had the letter) described it as "Nothing but class there".

We say:   Shame on this guy.  We can almost guarantee that there's no way he'd say this stuff to Ed Sullivan's face.  But while he's hiding behind his computer?  He'll lob bombs all day long.

Sullivan has been a good, loyal Republican, folks.  We need to support him for that, first.  He's been the Chairman of the Illinois House Republican Organization where he's raised money and supported candidates from around Illinois for State Representative.

As for Republicans who voted for Gay Marriage.  Come on.  The folks who voted for it (including Ron Sandack), did the right thing.  If we (by **we**, we're talking about Republicans in Illinois), we need to support these folks and stop attacking them for doing the right thing.

We're going to be supporting Ed Sullivan for State Representative this Spring.  Not just because he stood up for marriage equity as a Republican.  But, because he's a good, honest, elected official who did what was right for Illinois.  You can learn about his campaign here.  You can donate to his campaign here.

The point here of the Illinois Truth Team is simple.  See it up there at the top of the site?

We're trying to be the voice of reason, both in the ILGOP, but also around the State of Illinois.  We want to get you the facts.  We want to support good candidates.  (Ed Sullivan being one of those!).  And...we want to help 'Turn Illinois Around.'  

If we work against Sullivan because of his one vote for Gay Marriage, we, as a party are wasting our resources.  Let's work together to turn the House over to the GOP and get rid of Speaker Madigan.
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