Thursday, January 23, 2014

25 More Mike Frerichs #talltales

Thanks for the submissions, guys!  I really can't believe how many #talltales we're hearing about Mike Frerichs.  Check out some of the #talltales we were sent.

Click here to read the first 25 Mike Frerichs #talltales.

26. Mike Frerichs believes he’ll win the Pulitzer for his Facebook posts. #talltales

27. Mike Frerichs made fedoras cool again. #talltales

28. Mike Frerichs once won a midget tossing contest during Spring Break #PanamaCityBeach. #talltales

29. Mike Frerichs beat Apolo Anton Ohno in speed skating. #talltales

30. Mike Tyson once complimented Mike Frerichs on his reach. #talltales

31. Mike once ate more hotdogs than Kobayashi, but didn’t want to embarrass the poor guy. #talltales

32. Mike Frerichs plays basketball with Alonzo Mourning every Tuesday. #TallTales

33. If Mike Frerichs was on the Titanic, it wouldn’t have sunk. #talltales

34. Neil Diamond wrote Forever in Blue Jeans as a tribute to Mike Frerichs. #talltales

35. Mike Frerichs subbed in for John Henry, and beat the machine. #talltales

36. The wrestler Sting based the Scorpion Leg Lock off a move Mike Frerichs did on Osama Bin Laden in 2011. #talltales

37. Mike Frerichs is who gets Richard Sherman fired up for each game. #talltales

38. Brad Pitt has his breakout moment in Meet Joe Black after Mike Frerichs passed on the role. #talltales

39. The Welcome Back Kotter character Vinnie Barbarino was loosely based on Mike Frerichs. #talltales

40. There has been thought to change the Illinois slogan to “The Land of Mike Frerichs”. #talltales

41. Mike Frerichs once credited Abraham Lincoln’s success to being from the same state as Mike Frerichs. #talltales

42. Mike Frerichs invented Chicago deep dish pizza. #talltales

43. The University of Illinois sports teams were once the Fighting Mike Frerichs and Mike Frerichs would dance at halftime. #talltales

44. If you hear Mike Frerichs coming, it’s already too late. #talltales

45. One time Mike Frerichs ate the whole thing. #talltales

46. Mike Frerichs can paint with all the colors of the wind. #talltales

47. “Give me liberty or give me death!” - Mike Frerichs #talltales

48. Mike Frerichs is Tyler Durden. #talltales

49. Mike Frerichs’ pen name is John Hancock. #talltales

50. “Never was so much owed by so many to so few Mike Frerichs’s” - Winston Churchill #talltales
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