Thursday, January 23, 2014

Have you Heard the Mike Frerichs #talltales ?

Did you know Mike Frerichs is telling #talltales?

With a big 'tip of the cap' to "Chuck Norris Facts" and "The Most Interesting Man in the World", we present some Mike Frerichs #talltales.  Do you have any?  Tweet them with the #talltales hashtag.

You can read the next 25 Mike Frerichs #talltales here.

Can you believe these 25 Mike Frerichs #talltales?

1. Mike Frerichs once campaigned for Leslie Knope. #talltales

2. Mike Frerichs says he invented “dibs”. #talltales

3. Mike Frerichs insists that he invented the #humblegrab. #talltales

4. Mike Frerichs says he has the iPhone 6. #talltales

5. Mike Frerichs says that he can count to 10 in 2. #talltales

6. Mike Frerichs only eats pbj’s from restaurants. #talltales

7. Mike Frerichs rode with the Rough Riders. #talltales

8. Contrary to popular belief, it was Mike Frerichs who created Clark the Cubs mascot. #talltales

9. Mike Frerichs is a White Sox Fan. #talltales

10. Mike Frerichs will solve the data breach at Target by himself. #talltales

11. Mike Frerichs only puts mustard on his hotdog. #talltales

12. Mike Frerichs has been on the BTTF Hoverboard. #talltales

13. Mike Frerichs ordered a Double Whopper at a Taco bell, and got it, Mike always has it his way. #talltales

14. Mike Frerichs thinks Bieber is ‘in the right’. #talltales

15. Mike Frerichs once auditioned for The Bachelor. #talltales

16. Mike Frerichs voted to give women the right to vote. #talltales

17. Obama to send Mike Frerichs to Iran to “sort it out”. #talltales

18. Mike Frerichs ‘totally understands’ Bruce Jenner. #talltales

19. The movie “The Natural” was based on the legendary career of Mike Frerichs. #talltales

20. Mike Frerichs grocery shops with his eyes closed. #talltales

22. Mike Frerichs says he’s going to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. #talltales

23. Mike Frerichs wants to tell you about that one time he hosted SNL. #talltales

24. Mike Frerichs coined the term “Jump the Shark”. #talltales

25. MIke Frerichs says that he’s the idea behind Ned Flanders. #talltales
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