Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bob Grogan's Own Site Says: Get out of the Race

Illinois Treasurer Candidate Bob Grogan (you can read up about his issues here on the Truth Team) has received a submission from one of his supporters and posted it publicly on his website.

The suggestion?  To "Get out of the race".  Check it out on his site here.  We figure it might not last too terribly long once we point it out to Bob Grogan, so we took a screenshot for posterity's sake.

In a section where he asks for "Suggestions", there's a suggestion titled "Get out of the Race".

It was posted by a supporter back on November 7, 2013.  More than 60 days ago.  It says:
That's right. I said it. Won't say it to your face. But...I'll put it here for all to see. Let's end this charade. Please. So we can go back to watching the Bears games on Sundays.
Sounds like his supporters might be on to something?  (Even though Bears season is over!)

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