Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mike Frerichs Piles On Dan Rutherford, We're Not the Only One Who Isn't Impressed

Never one to shy away from making a cheap political point, Democrat Treasurer's candidate Mike Frerichs came out today with a press release about the Dan Rutherford story.

You might remember Mike Frerichs (latex salesman political grandstander) from his forays into cheap political points from his adoring Facebook post on the passing of Nelson Mandela or just last week when he went pandering with a terrible tax policy proposal to exempt baby diapers from taxes or even the time he was (apparently) too busy posting selfies on Facebook to call a small business owner - who lives in his district - back on a constituent service issue.

Now that you're all read up on Mike, head over to his Facebook Wall where he posted this self-important gem of a press release.

In it, he says:
"Mixing state business and political activity is unacceptable. Unfortunately, this is a recurring problem for the current Republican Treasurer. From spending taxpayer dollars on promotional brochures to Republican donors to asking government employees to perform campaign work, it's time to take politics out of the Treasurer's office. Illinois residents deserve better. As Illinois Treasurer, I'll ask for a complete audit of the office on day one to root out this kind of abuse and instill a new level of integrity. Illinois needs a Treasurer focused on strengthening the middle class and rooting out corruption, not their own political promotion."
With the Olympics all over the newshole this week, we thought there wasn't a more appropriate person to comment on Mike Frerich's news than our pal McKayla Maroney.  She says it best:

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