Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On The Governor's Race: What Would Jack (Ryan) Say?

Over at the Capitol Fax, Rich Miller reports on a key exchange during last night's debate (that...as we pointed out earlier today - Bruce Rauner skipped).

Miller uses the exchange between Dan Rutherford and Kirk Dillard and says what we all fear:  "Will this turn into another Jack Ryan and Alan Keyes debacle?"

From the original Sun-Times story that Miller was blurb'ing:
“Are there any more allegations of sexual harassment coming at you from anyone else?” Dillard said. 
The question seemed to hang in the air as the crowd numbering in the hundreds booed and grumbled. 
Appearing taken aback by the question, Rutherford offered a long pause, staring right at Dillard at first. 
“Sen. Dillard, I believe that was inappropriate,” Rutherford responded and the room erupted in applause.
 Fortunately, for you readers of the Truth Team, Fake Jack Ryan has supplied us with two quotes that we've turned into Memes for your enjoyment.  Seems that Fake Jack Ryan has little sympathy for the ongoing saga Governor's Candidate Dan Rutherford is in...but as a business man from the north shore, he does seem to sympathize with Rauner?  Guess we're not surprised there.

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