Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eric Zorn: "Rauner lapping GOP Field"

Over on his long-standing (longest standing?!?) blog on the Tribune's site, Eric Zorn wraps up the Tribune's lead political story with a nice neat bow in his headline:
Rauner lapping GOP field -- Tribune poll
Zorn goes on to point out the 2:1 margin was about the same as last month.  The Dan Rutherford storyline - with his former employee - certainly isn't helping him gain ground, but maybe Kirk Dillard can make it a race?  To do that?  He needs an influx of cash, we thinks....  Why?  Because Rauner is going to make himself hard to hit.  See exhibit A:  Illinois Review reports that Bruce Rauner skipped a debate last night.   Running out the clock isn't easy, but if Rauner's campaign thus far is any indication, he's up for the challenge.  Look!  Coach is calling the '4 corners'.
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