Friday, February 14, 2014

Poll: Tom Cross Wallops Bob Grogan for Illinois Treasurer

You guys remember how, a week ago, we covered a poll in the Republican Nomination for the 2014 Primary in the  Illinois Treasurer's race?  That post can be found here.  We talk through the details of the promotion around the online poll.

You'll see that one of the candidates (Bob Grogan) was busy ginning up votes for his side, while the other (Tom Cross) was silent.    The poll closed after taking in more than 1,300 votes - which wasn't the highest volume of votes cast in one of their polls:  the governor's race poll had more than 1,400 total votes cast (see their listing of past polls here), so that tells you that even if the ballot box was 'stuffed', it wasn't obnoxiously stuffed to make the results totally skewed.

Here's what the group called "Polling for Illinois" posted on their Facebook Page:

What's that you hear coming out of the Bob Grogan Campaign Headquarters?  Click the video to hear what we're hearing.

DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan gets trounced by a more than 3 to 1 margin in a poll he pushed his supporters to vote in?

Now, we'd be foolish to give an online poll much credence in the big picture of the race, but when viewed purely as an organizational strength tactic, Grogan and his team failed to show up.

Guess all those 'endorsements' he's been touting were too tied up with the planning for their Valentine's Day festivities to go cast a vote for their 'guy' Bob Grogan for Treasurer?
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