Monday, February 10, 2014

This is Nuts! Dan Rutherford and the Allegations

Don't let the top hat, monocle, and spats fool 'ya.
After more than week of tip-toeing around the allegations and story, we now have the full details of the alleged harassment and coercion in the Dan Rutherford and former Treasurer's office employee issue.

The Sun-Times has a detailed story up and we have to say, the alleged details are nuts.
A former high-ranking employee for Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford dropped bombshell allegations in federal court Monday – charging that Rutherford sexually harassed him and used his state office to further his political aspirations. 
The employee, Ed Michalowski, charged that Rutherford has made unwanted sexual advances against him since 2011. In one instance, Michalowski claims that in 2011 Rutherford held an overnight office retreat at Rutherford’s Pontiac home, entered Michalowski’s bedroom and grabbed his genitals.
To be clear, Dan Rutherford and Mr. Peanut have both categorically denied any and all of the things he's been alleged to have done.  We can only operate on that assertion from the Treasurer.  We have to take and trust his word until this fully plays out.  Innocent until proven guilt has never been more true - especially in light of the Governor's primary race playing out over the next four weeks.

This isn't going to be easy to watch work itself out.  But we'll be here to cover what we can in our own special way.

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