Monday, June 9, 2014

Congressman Aaron Schock Shows Mike Frerichs How It is Done with Habitat For Humanity

Congressman Aaron Schock took a break from his amazing Instagram life to lend a hand with a local Habitat for Humanity home build.

And guess what?  He actually got involved.  He rolled up his sleeves, wore work clothes and actually swung a hammer.  Good on him.

Pics to prove it happened from Schock's Facebook Wall:

Why is this even worth mentioning?  Because...Congressman Aaron Schock did what almost EVERYONE would do in this situation:  show up in the right clothes and get involved.

What did Democrat Candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs do when he had the same situation?  He used the disaster in his hometown and the Habitat for Humanity build as a photo opportunity and a chance to 'post this on Facebook' by showing up in a suit.  And wingtips.

Yes.  A suit.  At a Habitat for Humanity Build.

Talk about a guy who is totally out of touch with reality.  And he wants to be our State Treasurer?  Come on.

We're calling this #SuitGate.  Check out the full details and background here.  Or, start where it all began with Frerichs Facebook post showing him in a suit here.

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