Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Darlene Senger Right In the Race Against Bill Foster For Congress

Big news coming out of the Western Suburbs:  Congressional candidate Darlene Senger - having fought through a tough primary this Spring - is going to give Congressman Bill Foster a run for his money.  

In an email newsletter sent out today with the subject line "Too Close to Call", Senger implores her supporters to double down their efforts to win this important seat in Congress:

Have you heard the news?  Today the National Republican Congressional Committee named me to the "Young Guns" list. This is a BIG deal because they only do this for the challenger races they think they can win and plan on working in.

This is great news for the campaign but it gets better from here. 
My race for Congress is already starting to tighten and it is still June!  Just yesterday Crain’s released a poll showing that Bill Foster and I are neck and neck.  It is clear that voters are dissatisfied will Bill Foster’s record of more government, more taxes and more spending and are ready for a change.  
This Morning on Capitol Fax, Rich Miller reported on the poll saying "That’s not good news for Foster at all" 
This is HUGE news for our campaign and more reason why we need to get out there NOW!  
And that is why I need your help today!  Your donation of $100 will help get my message of reducing spending, cutting taxes and balancing the budget out all over the 11th District.  Voters know it’s time for a change, electing the same people who created our country’s problems won’t be able to fix them.  Can I count on your support today?  A donation of $100 will go a long way in helping me defeat Bill Foster in November.
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