Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Reactions From Yesterday Afternoon After CapFax Posted The Craigslist Ad Story

We quickly assembled some reactions to the morale-crushing post on Rich Miller's Capitol Fax about a Craigslist job posting that is aimed at the Mike Frerichs for Illinois Treasurer campaign.

We thought it would be informative to see how the folks involved reacted to seeing the post/reading the news, so here's 5 reactions that took place last night.

1.  Witnesses saw candidate Mike Frerichs sulking into his party at Quartino with Rahm Emanuel.  They say that it didn't look good.  We captured the walk from his tiny car to the restaurant door:

2. Last night's 'guest of honor' at the Mike Frerichs fundraiser, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn't amused.  How can his folks have him standing up next to the laughingstock that Mike Frerichs and his campaign for State Treasurer have become.  Someone should have stopped the fundraiser/appearance by Rahm before it started.  He felt like he was taking crazy pills!

3.  The team at ILGOP HQ were giggling about how truthful the ad posting was for the campaign.

4.  The fundraising consultants for the Frerichs campaign had to sit down with Mike to show him - exactly - how far some of their supporters are moving away from the campaign because it is being run so poorly.

5.  The Frerichs Campaign Staff thought they were getting a celebration at Quartino.  It turned into a wake where they drowned their sorrows in a few O&O's.  Afterwards, they put their campaign-branded earmuffs on so they didn't have to listen to talk radio.

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