Monday, September 22, 2014

Code Blue: Ann Callis Congressional Campaign Flatlines, Down by 20%

We warned her.  She shouldn't have gotten too close to the Mike Frerichs Votex, but she didn't listen.  First it was 'joint events', then sharing campaign office/staff, then it was the voter registration scam they pulled together on high school kids in Champaign.

That Frerichs Vortex is powerful.  And...Ann Callis and her long-shot campaign for Congress suffered because of it.

News today shows the latest polling data and it isn't pretty for Ann Callis and the #Guardiansofthe13th:  According to RollCall, Rodney Davis is up almost 20 points on Callis and he isn't letting up.
Freshman Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., a top Democratic target this cycle, had a 19-point lead over his opponent with six weeks to go until Election Day, according to a poll conducted for his campaign and provided first to CQ Roll Call. 
Davis led Democratic rival Ann Callis, 55 percent to 36 percent, in the survey of the 13th District conducted by the GOP firm Public Opinion Strategies. Just 7 percent of voters were undecided. 
The poll found atmospherics in the district are also stacked against Callis, making it tougher for her to make up ground in the short amount of time left until the election.
President Barack Obama’s approval rating stood at just 38 percent in this Springfield-based seat in his home state. 
At the same time, the gubernatorial contest in the Land of Lincoln could also drag Callis down. 
Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn badly trailed Republican gubernatorial nominee Bruce Rauner, with 30 percent to Rauner’s 47 percent, according to the 13th District survey.
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