Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't Forget: Mike Frerichs Doesn't Know Difference Between Sunday And Wednesday

How can you forget that last week, the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer did what it does best: put out a press release that contained 5 errors whereby they cited the wrong source.

You can review the details here on the Truth Team in a post titled "Oops, I did it again": The Mike Frerichs' campaign saga.

For background (and for those who don't want to click on that link right above), here's the situation:

In between posting selfies on Facebook, Mike Frerichs and team put out a breathless press release - that no media outlet picked up - bashing their opponent for some various things.

But...they cited a source for all the data they were pointing to as part of WGN Radio's "Sunday Spin" program hosted by Rick Pearson.  Unfortunately...they should have been pointing to the Steve Cochrane show which airs M-F.

We made a chart showing who else shares this problem (of getting confused with days of the week) with the Frerichs campaign: true form where a little blog is calling the shots for a statewide candidate, the Frerichs campaign reacted and had to spend time and resources to fix the problems they created.

And...After we pointed out the error - to the tune of like 10 posts - and laughed our behinds off, the Frerichs campaign came clean and fixed the errors.

We have to ask, dear reader:  Have you ever made a Statewide candidate for office dance?  We have.  3 Times now.  Can we make it a fourth or even (gasp!) a fifth time before the election?  A blogger can sure hope!

This sure feels good:  Dance...Mike Frerichs...Dance!

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