Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mistake #5: We're Sure Mike Frerichs Loves To Get Compliments, But His Program Should "Complement"

Here's a quick definition breakdown for you folks down in Champaign courtesy of Google pasted below.  You would have thought that they'd teach you the difference between compliment and complement over at Yale, right?

So...what word did Mike Frerichs - candidate for Illinois State Treasurer - use in his infographic?  The wrong one.  Remember....more than 10 days ago, the campaign gleefully emailed this thing around.  They then posted it on their Facebook Wall, Twitter handle.  They were so pleased with it.

Then...we called them on their errors.  They fixed a few.  But...did they get this one?  Nope. Check out what the orange section looks like right NOW on the Frerichs for Treasurer campaign site:

Forget for a moment that the program that he's proposing is ALREADY in action in Illinois.  Please...let's just forget that and focus on these errors.

After seeing these five errors, we don't think ANYONE is going to 'compliment' the Frerichs campaign on their strong effort.

If you haven't reviewed the other errors on this one simple infographic from the Frerichs' campaign, check out our easy-to-follow summary post that lists them all here.
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