Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sheila Simon Lets Loose On Judy Topinka, Still Trails "Badly" in Polls

Over on the Illinois Observer, David Ormsby covers the latest twists in the Illinois Comptroller race where challenger Sheila Simon is now accusing incumbent Judy Baar Topinka of skipping out on a few meetings.

He does a nice job summing up the current state of the race.

As pointed out, Simon is in bad shape and flailing about for relevancy:
Judy Baar Topinka came under attack this week from opponent Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon over the comptroller’s attendance record at pension investment meetings. 
Since being elected Comptroller in 2011, Topinka, a member of the Illinois State Board of Investment, which manages pension assets for state employees, General Assembly members and judges, has missed 17 out of 37 meetings, including “almost every” Emerging Manager Committee meeting where investments in businesses owned by women, minorities or people with disabilities are voted on and sent to ISBI for ratification, Simon’s campaign charged on Tuesday. 
Simon’s campaign, which has struggled to get attraction against the popular Topinka, also criticized the comptroller for missing an Emerging Manager Committee meeting where State Street Global Advisors was tapped to manage a $450 million portfolio despite it being under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for overcharging clients and misleading investors about subprime mortgage investments.
Unfortunately, for the Simon campaign, we're thinking our take on the situation is what most voters will be thinking:

Our take?
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