Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Schimpf Releases Reason #7: He'll Be A Watchdog, Not a Patronage Machine

Illinois Attorney General Candidate Paul Schimpf has released the latest reason (#7) for why voters should be casting their vote for him instead of Lisa Madigan.  

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As for the latest reason, he's calling out Lisa Madigan as being part of the patronage problem in Illinois.  From the Schimpf campaign:
Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf unveiled Reason #7 of the 14 Reasons to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014 on the radio with Former Congressman Joe Walsh on Chicago’s AM560. Schimpf is counting down these reasons leading up to the election in November. Reason #7 to trust Paul Schimpf is that he will treat the Attorney General’s Office as a watchdog, not a patronage machine. 
The Attorney General’s Office should serve as a check and balance against the excesses of the legislative and executive branches instead of simply acting as another piece of the bloated patronage machine that constitutes Illinois government. The Quinn/Madigan Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) serves as a perfect example of these questionable practices. Paul Schimpf believes that the role of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office is to investigate corrupt patronage and grants by the Illinois government. Because trustworthy, transparent government cannot include agencies investigating themselves, the Attorney General’s Office should not be administering state patronage programs. Schimpf will work to remove the Attorney General’s Office from the business of distributing funds including lawsuit settlement funds that should instead go into the State’s General Revenue Fund.
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