Monday, September 22, 2014

Tom Cross Gains in Latest Poll for IL Treasurer, Dominates Independent Voters by 27%

Just earlier this month, we covered how Tom Cross is leading his opponent Mike Frerichs in polling data from around the state.  In the latest polling that was done for the Chicago Sun-Times, Cross has gained a point in growing his overall lead over Frerichs.

But he's done something even more interesting:  He's grown the gap (dare we say chasm) between his campaign and that of Mike Frerichs in the eyes of independent voters.

Back in early September, Cross garnered 46% of the independents.  Frerichs at 26%.

Today?  Cross added a few points to take 48% of the independent voters.  And Mike Frerichs dropped to just 21%.

A gap of 20% is now almost 27%.  I'd say that's 'trending in the right direction'.  Wouldn't you?!?
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