Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Day, Another Failed Pat Quinn Program Turning Into Emerging Scandal

Over in the Chicago Sun-Times this weekend, the details of another failed Pat Quinn-lead program started to emerge.  And, just like with his failed and scandal-ridden NRI program, it seems that inept leadership and poor execution lead to (at best) the squandering of MILLIONS of taxpayers dollars and (at worst) potentially even more graft, corruption, and mismanagement.

You can read even more details from the team at Illinois Mirror where they break down the numbers, but this is the important part:
Illinois legislators created the Urban Weatherization Initiative in 2009, promising that as much as $425 million in taxpayer money would go to train an army of workers in predominantly African-American neighborhoods to identify and fix energy-efficiency problems in homes. 
The initiative would put people to work in economically struggling neighborhoods statewide and help homeowners cut their utility bills, supporters said. 
But five years later, the program has fallen far short of its goals.
That last line -  '5 years later, this has fallen far short of its goals' -  is a really great way to summarize Pat Quinn's tenure as Illinois Governor.

We've given Pat Quinn enough time.  Illinois should move on and give Bruce Rauner a shot at fixing this mess.
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