Monday, October 13, 2014

Gaffeman Rises! Reset The Counter! Mike Frerichs Goofed Again

Mike Frerichs and his campaign team can't be happy this morning as they had to reset the 'Days Since Mike Frerichs and his team made a mistake out on the campaign trail' this morning down in Champaign.

The mistake - as it usually does - involves social media.  This time, on Twitter.

In his exuberance to join in all the Chicago Marathon-related activity, Mike "The Gaffeman" Frerichs, failed to properly construct his Tweet about the event.  And there were even a few dopes including the President of the College Dems here in Illinois to share/like/favorite this mess:

Unfortunately for Mike and his crack team, @ChiMaratho doesn't exist:

Too bad.  That big ZERO staring at them this morning at Frerichs Campaign HQ isn't all that heartening to a campaign in the final weeks.  In fact, people are starting to bet on the over/under for "Frerichs Mistakes" during the final 21 days.  The line hasn't been set, but plenty of money will be set on the 'over'.  Stay tuned for details.
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