Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mike Frerichs Is Having A "Me Party" - This Campaign Is CLEARLY About Him

Good public servants understand that their campaigns and their actions aren't just about 'themselves' but about what 'we' (the public servant/politician AND the voters/constituents) can do together to accomplish things and move the government forward.

But...don't count Mike Frerichs - candidate for Treasurer in that camp.  No siree.  Mike Frerichs certainly isn't a 'we' guy - even though his icon President Obama used "Yes We Can" to great success.  Nope.

Mike is ALL ABOUT Mike.

Exhibit 44 from this campaign:  This response he gave to ABC 7 in Chicago where he used the word "I" eight times in just the first paragraph.  That's even more - in one paragraph - than Bob Grogan famously used in the primary for Treasurer.

Voters can be certain of one thing:  Mike Frerichs cares about himself first.  Not you, not the State of Illinois.  He's a VIP in his own mind:

But...don't take our word on this subject.  Check out what Rich Miller said back this Spring:
Voters do want to hear about a candidate’s life story, but they mostly want to hear what the candidates believe about them; their future, their state, their communities, their problems, their wants and needs.
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