Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Top 5 Posts of March 2014

As we pointed out over the weekend, March 2014 was our biggest traffic month yet.  Thanks to all of you for tuning in!

We thought it would be interesting to show what the top 5 posts published in March were for the Truth Team.  As you can see, the Ron Sandack/Keith Matune race dominated the interest.

5.  Dem Watch: State Representative Keith Farnham's State of Illinois Office Searched by Feds
In Mid-March, we covered how Democrat State Representative Keith Farnham had his office and home raided by federal agents.  He later resigned due to *cough* *cough* "Health Reasons".

4.  Keith Matune: A Rotarians Worst Nightmare
In a post by "The Ghost of Babe Woodword", we look at Keith Matunes nutty responses to candidate surveys.

3.  Who you Crappin'? Coach Mike Ditka Backs Ron Sandack for State Representative
When you need a surrogate to help you 'close' your campaign, who do you call?  Da Coach.  Candidate Ron Sandack pulled out the big guns with this endorsement.

2.  Latest in Matune/Sandack Race: "Creepy Cicero Outsiders"
We were tipped this mail piece and broke it as an exclusive.  It tied the financial backers of Keith Matune to the seedy-underbelly of Cicero politics.

1.   Carol Marin Unloads on Dan Proft and Keith Matune
The nastiness of the Sandack/Matune race condensed into one succinct (and later updated) Carol Marin piece from the Chicago Sun-Times.  
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