Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Latest Poll: Tom Cross Up 11% Over Mike Frerichs In IL Treasurer's Race

The latest poll on the Illinois Treasurer's race shows that Tom Cross is extending his lead over Mike Frerichs as the race enters the final 35 days.

Taken on September 30th, the poll conducted by Communications Express asked 1200+ likely voters who they would cast their vote for in the Treasurer's race.

44.4% of voters picked Tom Cross while just 33.5% of voters selected Mike Frerichs.  This almost 11% spread is an increase over the 7% spread we documented back on September 22nd.

Also, a very important data nugget is marked above as Tom Cross is currently garnering 23% of the City of Chicago vote - which puts him above the so-called 'Victory Line' of 20% for Republican candidates in Chicago.  That 'Victory Line' shows that historically Republican candidates who can stay at or above 20% of the vote in Chicago go on to win their races.

This adds to a trend of Tom Cross growing his lead:  On September 5th, polling showed Cross was up 6% over Mike Frerichs.  And on September 22nd, that lead had grown to 7%.  Today, the data shows almost 11% spread between the two candidates.
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