Friday, March 21, 2014

The 2014 Illinois Truth Team Primary Scorecard: B+

With the week coming to an end, we wanted to make sure we took time to check-in with how we - as the Illinois Truth Team - did as a group this past week in the Primary Elections.

If you'll look up you'll see our mission: Get the facts. Help Good Candidates. Turn Illinois Around.

That middle part is key:  Helping good candidates.  The only way we'll turn Illinois around - and to ensure we grow the Illinois Republican Party is by doing just that: supporting through content, links, endorsements, and attention these good candidates.

While there were tons of great candidates on the ballot, in looking through our archives, we can see that the team here at the Illinois Truth Team focused on 11 specific Illinois Republican Primary races.  They were at the State Representative level, statewide Constitutional officer level, Congressional office, and the United States Senate.'d we do?

The tally shows: We had 8 wins.  And...3 losses.  The Susanne Atanus loss is particularly difficult to see while the Ron Sandack triumph makes us excited about the future of our Republican Party.  So it is a decidedly mixed bag.

Based on the totality of the outcomes, we give ourselves a B+.  We certainly have more work to do this fall if we want to turn Illinois around.

Here's how the races broke down:

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